We are all Zombies.

At some point everyone imagines that they are the person who wakes up to be confronted with the zombie apocalypse. No one ever thinks they are the zombie. No, they imagine through some little trick of fate that they will side step the disaster and either escape to safety or be the chosen one to to battle and save the world for their benefit.

Maybe there was a time when people understood their limitations acting as individuals. They even understood the their tribe was not sufficient to do big things. They knew they needed allies. They understood nothing was special enough about them even as they were trying to save the world from tyranny. The collective effort of many ordinary people would keep the world safe. Sure there were occasional super stars. Those rare individuals who exceeded all expectations. But even those super heroes understood that no single person could save the world from tyranny. Those with extraordinary skills we also merely part of the larger collective needed. We have to work together in large numbers to overcome the challenges that threatened our lives.

Refusing to see how collective effort is necessary to remain free will ultimately result in restricted freedom for society. Becoming a ravenous zombie is not freedom. So we can become zombies driven by the most base desire to consume brains for nourishment or we can work together acknowledging expertise and supporting policies that enhance the public good thus preserving freedom (many times in the form of dissent) for the population at large. We work together to solve problems, overcome challenges. Radical individualism does not solve problems. It opens the door to the Zombie apocalypse by allowing the propaganda to spread unnoticed and unchecked until it is too late.