3D Applications

I mostly use Cheetah3D on a Mac mini (M1) to create models. I started using Cheetah more than 7 years ago. It was easy to learn and cheap. Occasionally I look at Blender but it seems so much more than what I need. Recently I installed Shapr3D on my iPad and have created a few models. It’s a very elegant and powerful 3D design tool and recently released a version for the M1 macs. Cheetah3D on the other hand is much more fun to use. It’s got some great modifiers and tools to manipulate the geometry. Most of all I can be surprised by a tool that then leads me to explore further.



For slicing models I have been using Ultimaker Cura 4.9. It works well enough. Though I am now in need of more flexibility. I like to make hollow prints whenever possible. This is difficult when certain parts of a model need to be filled. I have to learn more about Cura fill options. Supports are also an area that needs more investigation. Sometimes Cura creates so many supports that is is impossible to extract the model and the supports use more material than the model.


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