The Void (Zone _)

Generated with Diffusion Bee. Prompt is asking for a void, etching, 3d Render, neon. Future consideration for when Stable Diffusion supports 3D file formats.

Alligator Bear Bust

These are experiments using Diffusion Bee a MacOS application that uses the Stable Diffusion text to image generator. The images use a prompt that asks for a bust of an alligator / bear cross breed creature.


Another Threepress experiment.


Short animation of a spiked ball appearing to grow. Mostly the scale and rotation of a crumple effect is changing and that gives the appearance of the spikes growing sort of.

What now

Colorful and distorted view of a landscape and a dome. The strobe effect is from alternating a black and white version of the same animation with the full color one making it seem like the lights are flashing. Silly but somewhat effective.

self float

This is an experiment using ThreePress plugin for WordPress. GLB files allow for textures, colors, and bump maps. It's much more robust than using STL or OBJ files. Anyway here's the silly combo of two Jenga towers and a surface self portrait. You can mouse around or finger my face on mobile to change the… Continue reading self float