I haven't tried to print this yet. There's going to be a lot of support material and I still not sure which way to orient the piece on the build plate. The name doesn't mean much. It was two identical pieces at one point merged into on. and I rendered it to look like something… Continue reading Twent24


A simple tower that prints out as a hollow shape. It’s sort of a wedge but less useful. I was interested (obsessed) with creating shapes that could be printed as hollow object and also viewed as two dimensional pieces of geometry. This one has a smooth surface and very few angles but enough to not… Continue reading Tower2

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This page is a list of stuff I am posting. Most of the posts have a 3D model that you interact with. I can't have them all load on a single page so if you want to see the 3D model you need to click on the continue reading or the title of the post.… Continue reading Read this

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The textube is a textured tube that printed as a hollow object. It looks much heavier than it is. Sort of the opposite of my fatness. I look lighter than I am and I look fat so it's not good at all. The printed texture is reminiscent of stucco or a drippy glaze on a… Continue reading Textube


This is spikey (Spikey?), obviously. It was an attempt to make a very dense object that the printer would not be able to print. Surprisingly the print is a good representation. I had to add a lot of support on the bottom half so it's more a paperweight than a floating spiked ball (virus). You… Continue reading Spikey

3D Applications

I mostly use Cheetah3D on a Mac mini (M1) to create models. I started using Cheetah more than 7 years ago. It was easy to learn and cheap. Occasionally I look at Blender but it seems so much more than what I need. Recently I installed Shapr3D on my iPad and have created a few… Continue reading 3D Applications

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This is a simple spiral. I print a lot of spirals. It’s not smoothed so it retains some angular properties. Sometimes I get caught (enamored?) in the minimalist trap. I think there’s something essential or profound about a simplistic shape like this. But really its a combination of limited imagination, limited technical skills, and laziness… Continue reading Spiralist


This is an angular take on a spiral. Mis named a pyramid because it is tapered. It’s somewhere between a piece of candy and a failed cookie cutter design. Not sure what would make this better or worse. I printed a few in different colors and sizes. Sometimes an idea is complete or limited and… Continue reading NewPyramid


This is an older model. It’s related to the SilSat model from another post. It is also combined with some additional versions to create a complicated shape. It started as a way to add a top to an otherwise simple column. It now works as a pointy tower and also as a container with a… Continue reading 5Points


Print for Saturday 2021-05-08. It's a small print with with minimal setup. It is being printed in purple PLA with low quality setting. I am using my Creality3d CR-10s Pro v2 printer to make this print. The estimated print time is 4 hours. It will using about 200 grams of material. The dimensions are approximately… Continue reading SilSat