This is an angular take on a spiral. Mis named a pyramid because it is tapered. It’s somewhere between a piece of candy and a failed cookie cutter design. Not sure what would make this better or worse. I printed a few in different colors and sizes. Sometimes an idea is complete or limited and… Continue reading NewPyramid


This is an older model. It’s related to the SilSat model from another post. It is also combined with some additional versions to create a complicated shape. It started as a way to add a top to an otherwise simple column. It now works as a pointy tower and also as a container with a… Continue reading 5Points


Print for Saturday 2021-05-08. It's a small print with with minimal setup. It is being printed in purple PLA with low quality setting. I am using my Creality3d CR-10s Pro v2 printer to make this print. The estimated print time is 4 hours. It will using about 200 grams of material. The dimensions are approximately… Continue reading SilSat

Making and UnMaking

Mostly what you will see on this site are simple geometric objects. I am interested in subtle changes to well known shapes. Many times I make a 3D model of something that appears to have a function. None of them intentionally are designed to be function parts. Sometimes piece fit together in ways that provide… Continue reading Making and UnMaking

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3D Plugins for WordPress

This is a list of 3D Plugins I have installed. Each one works enough to show a 3D file and allow the view to pinch and zoom and spin the model. They all have varying amount of options to allow color, lights, animation and file formats. Most support STL files. Newer ones support the GLB… Continue reading 3D Plugins for WordPress

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Beginning in the middle

I have put aside my COVID-19 blog. It’s time to begin this mess of a website focused on my 3D printing and sculpture and other ‘creative’ things site. EGO ARTIFEX sort of Latin for I ARTIST started about 10 years ago when I was looking for a trade name for my consulting work. I was… Continue reading Beginning in the middle

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Cone of forgiveness with a couple of cut outs. Hole punched around the edges. None of it makes much sense. I am not sure when I made this or why. Now that I look at it I am sure it was an experiment that didn’t lead to anything interesting. This happens now and again. Displayed… Continue reading Me