Beginning in the middle

I have put aside my COVID-19 blog. It’s time to begin this mess of a website focused on my 3D printing and sculpture and other ‘creative’ things site.

EGO ARTIFEX sort of Latin for I ARTIST started about 10 years ago when I was looking for a trade name for my consulting work. I was mostly unemployed after the financial crisis of 2008-9. So the name while it implies art was actually created to serve as a DBA for technical and business consulting.

No matter it is not going to be the repository for all things 3D in my life. I have a studio and some 3D printers and a bunch of other things that could be used to make sculpture.

This website has been built and unbuilt several times. None were very good and I don’t expect this one to be much better. This one will have the full catalog of my poorly designed and produced sculptures.

It’s still a wordpress site and will remain as one until I can figure out a better way to publish my thoughts. I have downloaded every 3D plugin for WordPress that works with my source files. Unfortunately the plugins don’t all work at the same time. Some use the library and conflict with each other. So it will probably take me a few weeks to figure out the best plugin for my needs.

I also need to optimize some of the 3D files. I am not interested in merely posting pictures of the 3D prints or renders from the 3D files. I want to post 3D content that the viewer can examine. The plugins support various file formats. STL is the simplest and least efficient. GLB seems better but more complicated to get right. I also have done a test with Threejs using the gCode files that the 3D printer uses. It’s a detailed view of the layers. Unfortunately the files are quite large and may not be suitable for the web.

All of the plugins rely to some degree on short codes so I need to revert back to the plain text editor in WordPress. None seem to support the new fancy block editor. I will be tracking this as the plugins evolve.

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