Another Threepress experiment.

self float

This is an experiment using ThreePress plugin for WordPress. GLB files allow for textures, colors, and bump maps. It's much more robust than using STL or OBJ files. Anyway here's the silly combo of two Jenga towers and a surface self portrait. You can mouse around or finger my face on mobile to change the… Continue reading self float

Green Flowering (flowing)

A slight variation one the previous post. This one is green instead of pink. I printed a green one so I wanted to see it green.


More flowery stuff. Not sure how this happened. It references some deep seated unease with hippy culture. But I made so I have to show it. This started as a very mechanical and industrial looking object and slowly softened and mutated to being a flower like thing. Flowers and gears are similar or at least… Continue reading 2Flowing


Eight is an interesting number. There are eight corners on a cube. Six face and eight vertexes. Math is confusing and not at all precise. Numbers tell you things but not always the thing you think they will tell you. Words tell you things to. Images are ambiguous at best and misleading most of the… Continue reading Returning


The Bnip. Short for two other words or a four letter acronym. I don't know. It's not that important. It's a simple shape. A cone with ball at the top. Subdivided and smoothed and then faceted again. Regular polygons make it easy to print. It's still got angles but feels smooth when printed with silky… Continue reading Bnip


Working with OBJ files and textures. This is a colorful mashup of a drawing and a faceted bucket (cylinder without a top). It's somewhat random as I removed the actual baked texture that had some vague relationship to the shape with an arbitrary multicolor swatch. It makes no sense but it is more playful than… Continue reading Bucket


Another tower. This one has lots of texture. It's long and thin and feels sharp. Not at all friendly. Mostly wants you to stand back and be mindful. You could lose an eye or worse. It doesn't fit very well in the scene box. I can make the 3D window tall but then it will… Continue reading 5Pointscrump